If you are interested in purchasing an Air Conditioning or Electric Heating System, we have provided a quote request form, to send us

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the specifications of the system you are looking for, and we will be glad to reply with a quote.

Heat Pump Systems


Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
1.5 ton 13.00 25HBA318003 FY4CNF018 5
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13.00 25HBA324003 FY4ANF024 5
2.5 ton 13.00 25HBA430003 FY4ANF030 10
3 ton 13.00 25HBA336003 FY4ANF036 10
3.5 ton 13.00 25HBA342003 FY4ANF042 10
4 ton 13.00 25HBA348003 FY4ANF048 15
5 ton 13.00 25HBA360003 FY4CNF060 20


Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model

Outdoor Unit

Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
1.5 ton 14.00 25HBA418003 FX4CNF018 5
2 ton 14.00 25HBA424003 FX4CNF024 5
2.5 ton 14.00 25HBA430003 FX4CNF030 10
3 ton 14.00 25HBA436003 FX4CNF036 10
3.5 ton 14.00 25HBA442003 FX4CNF042 10
4 ton 14.00 25HBA448003 FX4CNF048 15
5 ton 14.00 25HBA460003 FX4CNF060 20


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Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
1.5 ton 14.00 25HPA418003 FV4BNF002 5
2 ton 14.00 25HPA424003 FV4BNF002 5
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14.00 25HPA430003 FV4BNF003 10
3 ton 14.00 25HPA436003 FV4BNF003 10
3.5 ton 14.00 25HPA442003 FV4BNF005 10
4 ton 14.00 25HPA448003 FV4BNF005 15
5 ton 14.00 25HPA460003 FV4BNF006 20


Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
2 ton 19.00 25HNA924A003 FE5ANB004 5
3 ton 19.00 25HNA924A003 FE5ANB004 10
4 ton 19.00 25HNA924A003 FE5ANB006 15
5 ton 19.00 25HNA924A003 FE5ANB006 20

Air Conditioning Systems


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Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
1.5 ton 13.00 24BR318A003 FA4CNF018 5
2 ton 13.00 24BR324A003 FA4CNF024 5
2.5 ton 13.00 24BR330A003 FA4CNF030 10
3 ton 13.00 24BR336A003 FA4CNF036 10
3.5 ton 13.00 24BR342A003 FA4CNF042 10
4 ton 13.00 24BR348A003 FA4CNF048 15
5 ton 13.00 24BR360A003 FA4CNF060 20


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Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
1.5 ton 15.50 24ABA418003 FX4CNF018 5
2 ton 14.00 24ABA424003 FY4ANF024 5
2.5 ton 14.00 24ABA430003 FY4ANF030 10
3 ton 14.00 24ABA436003 FY4ANF036 10
3.5 ton 14.00 24ABA442003 FY4ANF048 15
4 ton 14.00 24ABA448003 FY4ANF060 15
5 ton 14.00 24ABA460003 FX4CNF060 20


Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
1.5 ton 15.00 24ABA418003 FX4CNF018 5
2 ton 15.00 24APA518A003 FV4BNF002 5
2.5 ton 15.00 24APA524A003 FV4BNF002 10
3 ton 15.00 24APA530A003 FV4BNF003 10
3.5 ton 15.00 24APA542A003 FV4BNF005 15
4 ton 15.00 24APA548A003 FV4BNF005 15
5 ton 15.00 24APA560A003 FV4BNF006 20


Capacity Tons Effeciency SEER Model Outdoor Unit Model Indoor Unit Heating KW’s
2 ton 21.00 24ANA124A003 FE5ANB004 5
3 ton 20.00 24ANA136A003 FE5ANB004 10
4 ton 17.00 24ANA148A003 FE5ANB006 15
5 ton 16.00 24ANA160A003 FE5ANB006 20

Valley-Wide Service

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