It’s Back To School!

Whether you looking for those special labeled pens, or that name brand back-pack, its no secret that when it comes to “back to school shopping” everyone is looking to save a little green. Take a page from our notebook and check out these money saving tips and tricks that we found helpful!

  1. Become a seasonal “extreme couponer”:
    • Most sale papers and coupons come out in Sunday’s paper. Take a look at all those Sunday coupons and get your scissors ready.
    • Clip those babys and don’t forget to check out your retail websites -> oftentimes, they have printable coupons to help you save too!
    • Download retailer apps like Target’s cartwheel to save on specific items in the store.
    • Also look for apps that offer rebates for shopping like the popular Ibotta that gives you cash back for specific purchases at most major retailers.
  2. Plan your shopping trip:
    • Take a look at all the local specials and plan your shopping trip base on location and savings to help save time and fuel.
    • Make a list and check it twice! It has been said, you are more likely to stick to your plan if you have your list in hand!
    • The early bird gets the worm rings true. Find out when your retailer restocks their shelves and be the first in line to nab the best deals.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute.
    • Waiting for the line to go down will most likely leave you disappointed and coming up empty on those “back to school” specials.
  4. Go Big or Go Home
    • Warehouse deals from places like Costco or Sam’s may cost your more upfront but pay off in the long run.
    • If you aren’t sure about the school supplies, stock up on the basics like laundry detergent for those gym clothes and individually wrapped breakfast bars for when your running late.
    • Don’t forget the fuel! Along with great warehouse offerings inside, most have fuel for up to $0.10 less than surrounding gas stations.
  5. Invest in a regular maintenance plan for your A/C and heat system.
    • Regular maintenance can prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns which almost always happen at the worst time ever!
    • Maintenance plans like Hess Air’s Club Memberships offer nifty discounts for service calls and repairs.
    • In addition to getting discounts, Club Members enjoy “front of the line” service, so if your A/C does happen to go out, you aren’t stuck all day waiting for the service technician. You automatically get moved to the front of the service line.
  6. When all else fails, look online.
    • Check out sites like Amazon or Jet to score some great deals on hard to find or sold out items.
    • Don’t forget, it may take a few days to get orders. The savings may be worth it, so take a minute to weigh your pros and cons before you buy.
    • Auto-ship is your best friend. If you know your child is going to need tissue every 6 weeks or you’re going to need to refill the after school snack bin, you can set your auto-shipment to come as often as every week or as in-frequent as once every 30-60 days.
  7. Program that thermostat!
    • Another uncommon way to save some green this school year is to invest in or set your already programmable thermostat.
    • Now days, almost anything can be controlled by your cell phone, even your thermostat. Easily set it to turn off when you aren’t home and set it turn on 15-20 minutes before you arrive to ensure your home is the perfect temperature.
    • Say Buh-Bye to higher utility bills by only running your A/C and heat when you need it.

We hope you enjoyed our best Back to School money saving tips and tricks! Keep your money for more important things like your child’s school field trip and summer vacation!

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