School Days

1st day of school

Thinking of all the students and teachers who are heading back to school… I remember my first days of school through elementary, Jr. High, and High School. I remember the anxious nights before making sure I had all my school supplies ready and planning my hairstyle and outfit to the tee… The anticipations of what teachers I would have and if my friends and I shared any classes. For me, it was a little different because my parents are also teachers. I remember their nights before the 1st day of school, full of preparation and hope for their new classes and the school year that lies ahead. To this day they still pack their school bags full of books, lesson plans, and supplies for activities they have meticulously planned out for the next few days. They are always looking forward to shaping, teaching, and building up a new generation of thinkers, doers, inventors, leaders, and workers, and it’s their passion that helps pave the way for their students’ success. It is with these cherished memories and thoughts in mind that I would like to wish all of the students and teachers a Wonderful School Year filled with Excitement and Success!

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