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Clean Air Ducts can improve your air quality and your home’s energy efficiency. The team at Hess Air can evaluate your existing duct work and help you determine which options are best for you.

before and after duct cleaning


Air ducts are a haven for dust, mold, bacteria and odors. A professional Hess Air duct cleaning will improve the air quality in your home and the health of your family.  Contact Us for a FREE duct work inspection.

 foster 4020 (599x800)

FOSTER 40/20

Foster 40/20 is a protective fungicidal coating that can be applied to duct work after a duct cleaning. Foster 40/20 is registered by the EPA and specifically formulated to prevent microbial growth in HVAC duct systems for 10 years without losing its effectiveness. Contact one of our Hess Air duct specialists to discuss this option with your professional duct cleaning.


Duct work is an important part of your home’s heating and cooling system. It should allow air to move properly throughout your home keeping you comfortable year round. Over time duct work can deteriorate and crack, allowing cool air to escape into your attic. When the time comes to replace duct work, contact the Hess Air professionals to set up an appointment.


Duct sealing is a must in all HVAC duct systems however, over time, ducts may develop leaks or may not have been sealed properly upon installation. The problem with most HVAC technicians who perform a duct sealing is that they seal the ducts from the outside which means only the ducts that are accessible are sealed. Hess Air is the only Certified Aeroseal Specialist in the Rio Grande Valley. Aeroseal employs a new duct sealing process that seals your duct system from the inside out allowing the trained Hess Air technicians to seal your complete duct system with up to 99% efficiency. Contact Us, your qualified Aeroseal advisors, to schedule a FREE duct work inspection.Aeroseal Logo



Hess Air can check your duct work system for air leaks that normally cannot be found by a visual inspection, then seal those leaks. This keeps unconditioned, unhealthy air from entering your home and reduces air conditioning running time and energy usage. Contact the experts at Hess Air to set-up an appointment to have your air ducts checked.

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