Extended Warranties

Below are the extended equipment protection plans Hess Air offers. These plans are offered for equipment purchased from and installed by Hess Air and equipment purchased from and installed by other companies as well. Contact us if you are interested in applying for any of the extended warranty plans!


(Available for 1 year, 5 years or 10 years)
All internal functioning parts supplied by the manufacturer

Coverage/ Time Labor Only Parts Only Labor and Parts
1 Year
5 Years
10 Years

Labor Only

Pays labor only for one person to repair or replace the covered part which fails due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Parts Only

Pays for the part only at dealer’s cost, plus mark-up, not to exceed any published rate for a covered part which fails due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Parts and Labor

Pays labor for one person and parts at dealer’s cost plus mark-up, not to exceed any published rate for a covered part which fails due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown.


Modifications, abuse, negligence, misuse of equipment or unit, improper installation. Equipment must be used for its specified purpose (i.e., water heater to heat water, furnace to heat air, etc.).

Items not covered by Factory Limited Warranties or Extended Warranties:

Appearance – Features, esthetics, paint, cabinet parts, knobs, and buttons.
Damages – Consequential or otherwise caused by rust, brownouts, environmental conditions outside of manufacture specifications, oxidation, corrosion, water, freezing, fire, or other natural acts of God.
Loss of performance – Due to normal wear and tear, overrated capacities, modifications to original systems, insufficient water or poor water conditions.
Miscellaneous – Air balancing, registers, grills, key valves, duct work, plumbing, carpentry, venting, change over of CFC to non-CFC refrigerants due to governmental regulations and oil changes on commercial compressor, balancing, truck, freight, handling, taxes, mileage (outside of 30 mile), overtime, holiday rates, rigging and/or crane services, special tooling, equipment rental, carbon dioxide, process fluids, lubricants, glycol, additives, filters, humidifier filters (evaporator pad), subcontract services and any other charges not covered by factory warranties.
Wiring/Electrical – High voltage wiring external of unit (i.e., humidifier, thermostat, condenser, or other controls mounted external of unit), breakers and disconnect boxes.
Control wiring – Thermostat wiring.
Accessories or add-ons – Thermostat, electronic air cleaner, hard start kits, motor controllers, isolation relays, time delays, zoning systems, zone valves, or anything else that are not part of factory unit.
Condenser/heat pump, evaporator coil and refrigeration unit

– Leaks on unit(s) at the evaporator, condenser, and/or metering device as a result of loose valves, interconnecting fittings, and/or field piping. Only one leak is covered for the term of the agreement up to the initial internal charge of the unit.
Company charges – Routine maintenance, service call, diagnostic, calibration, labor charges for obtaining replacement parts and/or supplies at supply house. i.e., refrigerant reclaiming and leak detection.
Consumable products – Nitrogen, welding, batteries, fuses, liquid /suction dryers, breakers and disconnect boxes.

Smart Coverage

Extended Parts with Labor Warranty: Factory Limited Warranty with an optional labor coverage for parts replacement.


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